Welcome Reception

May 31, 2020

Achaia Clauss winery


klaus social 01

All congress participants and their registered accompanying persons are cordially invited to the welcome party on Sunday, 31st May 2020 at 19:30 h. The reception will take place at the Achaia Clauss winery, the oldest winery in Greece (founded in 1861).

Before the welcome reception, the participants will have the opportunity to visit the main cellar and the Gustav Clauss (winery founder) house. Then, we will enjoy local wines from the Achaia Clauss cava, which will be accompanied by Greek tastes (finger food) on the yard of the winecastle (Cava Danielis)

Conference Excursion

June 3, 2020

Ancient Olympia


Duration: 09:30 – 18:30

It has become a tradition that the EUCHEM conference organizers offer an excursion in the middle of the meetings. The conference site offers a great opportunity to visit Olympia (listed as a UNESCO world heritage monument), the land of Gods, where the Olympic Games were born. Olympia (Ολυμπία), which was one of the most influential ancient Greek sanctuaries, lies in a valley between the Alpheios and Kladeos rivers, in Elis in Western Peloponnese, located ~100 km south from Patras. Since 776 BC Olympia, became the most important religious and athletic center in Greece. Its fame was based on the organization of the Olympic Games, taking place every four years to honor Zeus. The archaeological site covers an expanded area of ruins scattered among low trees, as well as the ancient stadium where the first Olympics took place. An impressive array of artifacts (e.g. Hermes of Praxiteles), which were unearthed during excavations, are on exhibition at the nearby Olympia Museum.

After visiting the stadium and the museum, we will head towards the village of ancient Olympia (within walking distance from the monuments site) where we will have lunch at a local tavern, as well as free time before traveling back to Patras.