Dr. Mag. Roland Kalb

Proionic GmbH, Austria (CSTO & Founder)

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email: roland.kalb@proionic.com

Dr. Roland Kalb is an entrepreneur in technical application and manufacture of ionic liquids and is working in this field since 20 years. In 2003 he invented an industrial process for the world’s first halide and waste free production of ionic liquids, today known as the CBILS®-process, and founded proionic GmbH in 2004. Today proionic GmbH produces ionic liquid volumes in the multi-ton scale, making it one of the top leaders in development and manufacturing of ionic liquids worldwide. Roland Kalb received his MSc degree in Chemistry at the University of Vienna (total synthesis of natural products), and obtained his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Rostock. Currently Roland Kalb holds a number of 44 issued and 48 applied international patents. Since 2016 he is an advisory board member, and since 2019 affiliate senior scientist at the DOE Joint BioEnergy Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California. Several of his inventions are commercialized today, including the “ionic compressor” of Linde AG, the CBILS®-process licensed to BASF SE and “IL-B2001®”, an inherently safe high temperature cooling liquid for the metallurgical industry, in cooperation with Mettop GmbH. 

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